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Solar Installations

We find many instances where solar panels have been placed on roof structures that may not have been assessed by the contractor prior to installation.

If a contractor has or is installing solar panels on existing roof structures it is essential to ensure the solar company assesses the area where the panels are to be installed to ensure the structure will adequately support the additional weight by having them engage an engineer.

The increased weight of panels installed may not be adequately supported by the timber framed structures below especially if areas such as roofed patios or older homes roof framing have timber building elements that are not constructed to the current building code or engineering standards.

When you have solar panels installed on your property make sure the contractor is aware of their obligations to determine the areas in which they are installed does not adversely affect the structure or the safety of the properties occupants. If you feel the contractor has not made an accurate assessment seek advice from a building inspector and engineer.


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