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Frame Stage Inspections

There are many reasons to engage a building inspector when constructing your new home. One of the most important phases is the Frame Stage. Having an independent inspection at frame stage ensures your home is constructed in line with the architectural drawings and engineering specifications.

Your builder is required to check the home complies with the framing tolerances of the Queensland Building & Construction Commissions Standards & Tolerances Guide and provide a Framing Approval with a Form 16 Aspect Certificate or Engineers / Building Certifiers Approval.

Unfortunately these inspections do not go over every element of the framing testing all connections physically. They generally take the form of a visual inspection only and can allow defective works to pass through the approval process undetected.

Recently we were contracted to oversee the construction of a new home and our site inspection was conducted after the builder had informed us the engineer had approved the frame.

When testing tie down rods installed at the end of a structural bracing panel it was noticed the rod was loose. When pressure was applied to the rod it pulled out of the floor. The rod is required to be securely embedded into the floor slab. In this instance the cyclone rod did not even penetrate into the floor and was just sitting in the bottom of the timber wall frame.

Coastal Home & Building Inspection Frame stage ensure you property is constructed as specified by the engineer and to the standard you deserve.

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