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Cover Up

When you purchase a home and get a building inspection then find a major defect has been missed after you move in.

It takes years of knowledge and a thorough inspection to spot areas where defects have been concealed.

In this case the owner found loose plasterboard wall sheeting and his electrician discovered a power point fitting that detached from the wall when used.

Further inspections found a leaking shower, high moisture readings, rusting fixtures and paint repairs on the bathroom wall adjoining dining room and evidence of covering up of the previous leak.

In addition extensive mould was found representing a health hazard for the homes occupants.

The cheapest price for a building inspection does not necessarily save you money.

We advised the home owner to contact the building inspector and their insurer for a response.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections specialises in providing expert advice, inspections and reports in relation to missed building defects where claims can be initiated by the home owner.


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