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Coastal Home & Building Inspections consulting roles cover most matters involving building design, construction, maintenance, damage and client / builder disputes.

Our aim is to supply our clients with the best service and advice relating to all building matters.  Our extensive experience and network of specialist professionals ensures you receive the best report, expert advice and positive outcome to any building issues.



Dispute Resolution



Dispute Resolution Consulting


There is a high incidence of disputes arising from building construction. This usually occurs due to a breakdown in communication between the builder and their client, or it can be the result of poor workmanship. In most cases the two go hand in hand. Other disputes may arise from excessive charges of incorrect supply or installation of materials.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections encourages both parties to resolve disputes in an amicable manner however this may not be achieved in some cases.  This is the time when our service can assist you by advising on contract matters and providing detailed reports on building defects.  Reports are informative and comprehensive including detailed descriptions of defects and photos. Reports are produced in line Queensland Building and Construction Commission. We can also supply specialist reports from industry experts should the need arise for additional information.

Scope of Works

When acting for clients in disputes we provide specialist Building Inspection Reports to initially record defective items.  For rectification programs Coastal Home & Building Inspections provide Scope of Works documentation to ensure the defects, repairs and resolution process is understood by all parties involved.   Rectification processes are supervised throughout the repair process and documentation is signed off on completion.   This  ensures the dispute is resolved, agreed to by all parties and recorded should defective works re-appear in the future.   

Expert Witness

Ultimately some building disputes end up in court and that is when you will require the services of an Expert Witness. Coastal Home & Building Inspections are qualified and insured and produce quality, detailed reports that can be used in legal building dispute cases. Personal representation in mediation or court may be required with the dispute resolution process.  See information under heading Building Dispute in the Inspection section of site 

All service provided by Coastal Home & Building Inspections are covered by full professional indemnity insurance.

Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision Consulting


Coastal Home & Building Inspections assesses building construction, inspects and supplies detailed construction stage reports on any new / upgrading or renovation works on residential and commercial buildings.

Construction Stage Inspections

Each stage is assessed in relation to building elements and written documentation and pictures of construction are recorded in detailed reports.  Together over the time frame of the project these reports provide a detailed record of construction.
Projected maintenance assessment / reports are also part of our comprehensive service.

See services as listed Construction Monitoring In Inspections section of web site 

Queensland Building And Construction Commission Reg No 21256




Quality Assurance & Quality Control Consulting


There are many elements that combine to produce a finished complete building. Tracking the supply, quantity, type, installation and finish of each building element to produce a high quality product takes extensive experience and a keen eye for detail.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections can provide expert service by tracking building elements using Inspection Test Plans (ITP), Non Conformity Reports (NCR) and Maintenance Defect Reports (MDR)

Quality building finishes require rigid control, inspections, sign off procedures and documentation throughout all stages of construction. Coastal Home & Building Inspections can provide quality control services to ensure your building is constructed to meet design specifications.

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