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Coastal Home & Building Inspections is the Sunshine Coast's leading building & pest inspection company providing professional, comprehensive Reports covering all aspects of construction on new and existing properties.​​



Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase Building Reports  While a building inspection to the Australian Standard AS4349.1 2007 will give valuable expert advice and a general overview of the property and major defects, it will not inform you of everything about the property you are purchasing.

It is for this reason that Coastal Home & Building Inspections has responded the demand from clients to raise the level of our inspections well above the Australian Standard.

Coastal Home & Building Inspection Reports take additional time to assess and comment on exclusions (normally not covered by the Australian Standard or some other inspection companies) to ensure a thorough inspection of you property. Additional recommendations for expert specialist consulting and advice is based on requirements.

We have a solid reputation with our clients, legal firms, finance companies, building professionals and real estate agents as the most thorough inspection company servicing the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

You are welcome to attend your building inspection with us.  We are happy to address any concerns you may have prior to the inspection.  The inspection will cover all external and internal accessible areas.  The time frame varies from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the size and condition of the property.

At the end of the inspection we will take you around and through the property giving a detailed description of all items / defects listed in the report and repairs required.  In addition if specialist inspections are required we will inform you of your obligations.

With Coastal Home & Building Inspections you will receive a thorough detailed Report on the property that is comprehensive, informat



Everyone who purchases a home wants a thorough inspection however they do need to read the Building Inspection Agreement form and ask exactly what procedures the inspector will use and what items would be checked.

What you may not know about a Standard Pre Purchase Building Inspection (Exclusions)

The Australian Standard is not an all encompassing specification that requires the inspector to address all areas of the home.  It is a guideline to a general overview of the property addressing major defects, structural movement, collectively reporting on maintenance and safety issues.
Accessible areas are visually assessed and reported on.  No comments or opinions can be formed on areas that are concealed at the time of inspection.

Areas listed below that are generally not covered by a standard building inspection or some other inspection companies.  These items are reported on by Coastal Home & Building Inspections where accessible.  Specialists are recommended where required.

Email:  Mobile :  0417 709 065


Minor Defects
Swimming Pools    

Garden Sheds & Irrigation Systems

Air Conditioners

Gas Installation

Smoke Detectors

Intercom & Security Systems
Unapproved Additions

Areas outside the expertise of the inspector are recommended to relative specialists

Pre Purchase Pest Timber Inspection

Coastal Home and Building Inspections can also provide a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections Report.  Reports are conducted to the Australian Standard AS4349.3 and are specifically designed to check all visible / accessible areas of the home internally and externally for active termites or damage.  All homes are scanned using the latest high quality thermal imaging equipment.  Surrounding areas of the property up to 30 meters away are also covered by the inspection.

Also report on are other types of timber damage in the form of wood borers, insects or general timber decay or weathering over the life of the home.

Our Pest Inspectors have been selected to work exclusively for us because they are the best in the industry.  They have extensive experience and take additional time to go over the property in a thorough comprehensive way to ensure no active termites or damage is evident.   All timber elements are tap tested and moisture metered as per the Australian Standard.

Pest Inspections are conducted at the same time as the Building Inspection that way you have two sets of eyes looking over the property at once. Coastal Home & Building Inspections does not conduct combined building and pest inspections by one person as we believe it is essential to engage one specialist to cover each element of the inspection process. 
In certain cases there may be the need to conduct further invasive inspections.
Specialist type equipment may be required to access concealed areas.

Types of invasive / specialist inspections are:

• Thermal Imaging
• Termitrack Microwave Sensors
• Borescope Inspections
• Removal of wall, Ceiling or Roof Paneling.

In addition to Pre Purchase Pest Inspections we can also provide:​

• Pre Sale Pest / Termite Inspections & Reports
• Yearly Pest / Termite Inspections
• Treatment of termite infestations
• Repairs to termite damaged properties
• Full chemical perimeter barrier installations
• Baiting Stations
• Annual Pest Treatments




Construction Monitoring & Handover Reports

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Construction Stage Inspections are specifically designed take the stress out of dealing with your builder.  Our extensive industry experience can guide you through the entire building process to ensure you get the product you are paying for and the quality of construction that meets industry standards.

Inspections are aligned to meet contract payment schedules and confirm works have been carried out as per the building design.  Construction Stage payments can be made to the builder with peace of mind knowing he has reached the required works as per your building contract schedule.

Our services include: 

• Slab Inspection checking structural engineers design, footing size, reinforcing & concrete floor slab set out.  
• Frame Stage Inspection covering pest barrier installation, timber framing, bracing  and cyclone tie down elements
• Services Installation Stage Inspection to check Electrical, Plumbing, Fixtures and locations.
• Pre Paint / Fix Out Stage

Construction Stage & Handover Inspection Criteria / Fees 


Footing Stage:  Checks depth / size of footings and piers in relation to engineering plans for preparation for installation of concrete slab pods and reinforcing.  Photographic evidence of footings preparation supplied.


Fee  $165.00   (incl GST)


Slab Stage:  Check steel reinforcing  depth of slab / concrete against engineering plans prior to placement of concrete

(both of above inspections may be combined depending on slab type)  Report & Photographic evidence of slab preparation supplied.  


Fee  $440.00  (incl GST)


Post Slab Inspection:  Check slab condition slab edge voids, cold joints, cracking and report on any defects written and photographic



Fee  $165.00   (incl GST)


Frame Stage:  Check timber framing, bracing elements, tie down size and installation locations in relation to building design and engineers plans also check quality of workmanship on framing elements plumb, level & straight. Report & Photographic evidence of framing defects supplied

Fee From  $495.00   (incl GST)


Final Handover:  Thorough inspection of home covering identification of defects relation to all facets / construction of the property.  Mainly covers quality of finish for construction elements to ensure it has been built to a tradesman like standard.  Also includes identification of any building regulation breaches to ensure your home meets building code & industry practices.  Report & Selective photographic evidence external & internal defects.


Fee  From $550.00   (incl GST)


All of the above mentioned stages have individual reports and documented (photographic) evidence of construction of the home to give an overall view of the project from start to finish and provide evidence in the form of reports should any dispute should it arise with the builder.  If any outstanding issues are raised we will consult with you, your builder and in some cases the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. The QBCC can make judgments or directions against the builder at construction stages if there are any disputes. we will assist in arranging the implementation of Early Dispute Resolution documentation.


Additional Communications or Site Inspections / Specialist Consultation are based on time spent fee $150.00 per hr plus gst.


Any costs of expert opinions if required can also be encountered but at no time would any additional fees be charged without your authorization.

We provide a running schedule of inspections / fees and individual accounts during the supervision process.



Dilapidation Report

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Dilapidation Reports are compiled from extensive industry experience and inspection background provide specialist reports to ensure accurate representation of properties.  It is essential that this type of report is comprehensive to guarantee our clients know the exact condition of their property. 

This type of report is most commonly used by body corporate's, property owners and developers to establish the condition of the properties prior to construction on adjoining sites.

Reports can be provided to builders and property owners to ensure an accurate benchmark is established for properties prior to commencement of construction works.  Re-inspections are conducted after works to ensure no damage has occurred as the result of construction works.

Reports cover roads, kerb & channeling, footpaths, signage, structures, and any other elements in the areas adjoining construction sites.

Reports provide a guarantee of the condition of properties for builders, owners and insurers in the event of damage resulting from works such as sheet piling, site excavation, excessive vibration or associated damage from construction equipment. 


Photographic and written reports are formulated to confirm the overall condition of the property identifying cracking and damage to building elements.  Re-inspection after the construction period to confirm whether construction has had an effect on the property or adjoining areas



Pool Safety Inspections

Laws have been introduced by the Queensland Government to upgrade and maintain pool fencing to protect small children from accidental drowning. The Australian Standard 1926.1 & 2 & QDC MP3.4 cover the requirements to which a pool fence needs to comply.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections has been a long-time advocate of maintaining pool barriers to protect small children and prevent drowning since starting in business.  Inspecting homes for the last 15 years has given us an insight into what is not safe and how a barrier should be maintained to the Australian Standard.  We have always made our clients aware of safety issues regarding pools at the time of our building inspections long before the Queensland Government legislation was introduced.

We can arrange a Pool Fence Safety Inspection for owners prior to selling their home or inspect the pool fence in conjunction with your Pre purchase Building Inspection when buying.

If purchasing without the home owner providing a certificate the buyer has 90 days to make the pool fence comply and obtain a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate.

Our Pool Fence Safety Inspections & Reports are to the highest standard and fully cover all aspects of what is required to make your pool safe and to meet Australian Standards. We have been licenced as Pool Fence Safety Inspectors from the time legislation was introduced by the Queensland Government in December 2010.

Queensland Government PSI Licence No 100529

Reports are formatted in a manner that is easy to understand with photos of the pool and any areas requiring rectification. 
Defects are individually listed with a picture, location, description of the defect, what section of the standard it does not meet and information on how to rectify the defect.

Reports fee of $220.00 includes one free reinspection if the pool does not comply on the first inspection as well as the Queensland Government Registration Fee of $35.55

View Sample Pool Safety Inspection Report

Coastal Home & Building Inspections are licenced builders also conduct new and rectification work on pool barriers.

Our services include:

• Replacement of non-compliant pool fencing
• Modifications and repairs to existing fencing
• Installation of denial panes
• Servicing of hinges, latches
• Maintenance / replacement of gates
• Provide and install resuscitation and warning signage

Body Corporate Swimming Pool Inspections

Yearly Pool Fence Safety inspections and renewal of certificates is required on properties with shared pools.  Coastal Home & Building Inspections are registered pool fence inspectors.  Inspections on private pools are required on change of tenancy in some instances. Our extensive industry inspection experience allows us to ensure your pool is safe and meets Australian Standards and Queensland Government Registration requirements.  Years in the building industry also means that we can provide cost effective solutions for any pool fence repairs, modifications and maintenance.





Body Corporate / Property Managers Building Dilapidation and Maintenance Reports               

Increasingly  more responsibility and liability is being placed on Body Corporate Committees and Managers with regards to the maintaining the condition and safety on the properties they manage. 


Having an expert opinion, and inspection of your property will provide a comprehensive overview of the building.  Reports provide valuable information on the overall condition of the property, including safety and maintenance requirements.


Reports allow committees to act in the best interests of all unit owners, addressing any serious issues immediately, scheduling works and effectively maintaining the building in a cost efficient manner.  

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Maintenance & Dilapidation Reports provide comprehensive details about the property that inform committees, managers and unit owners of the buildings condition.   Inspection reports identify defects in external areas, walls, roof areas, roof membranes,  decking, handrails, stairs, common areas, swimming pools. trip steps,  building elements and termite / pest barrier treatments.

Additionally Specialist Body Corporate inspections and Reports are available for individual building issues.  They are compiled in the same comprehensive manner.  Issues commonly covered by specialist inspection reports relate moisture ingress, cracking in building elements / foundational movement, leaking waterproof membranes on roof / window & door openings, leaking shower recesses.

Types of Specialist Inspections:
• Structural / Foundational Movement

• Building Construction, Waterproof Membrane Roof & Sub Floor Leaks, 

• Plumbing, Moisture Ingress, Rising Damp, Slab Edge Dampness, Leaking Showers
• Invasive Inspections. Specialist in concealed Termite Damage assessment.


Building Disputes

Building or renovating can be one of the most stressful times in your life particularly if the actions of a contractor do not meet the required building or an industry standard of finish.  

Disputes with builders or contractors are generally triggered by a failure of the contractor to deliver effective communication and service or workmanship below stabdards.

When building disputes cannot be solved using the normal means and a case escalates to a court of law QCAT, Coastal Home & Building Inspections provides a range of comprehensive services to assist with the identification of building defects / non-compliance of building regulations, Australian Standards and manufacturers specifications.
We research all aspects of defective building works and compile specialist Building Reports to meet Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal requirements. Additional Scott Reports, Expert Witness Conclaves & Court Representation are part of our extensive experience and services to assist our clients. See our Google Reviews relating to QCAT & QBCC Disputes

Reports are specially formatted in a manner that is required by QCAT ( Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal ) 

Expert Witness, Conclave & Court representation are part of Coastal Home & Building Inspections extensive range of services. 


Types of reports:

  • Specialist QCAT Building Inspection Reports,  Industry Expert Opinions & Representation

  • Investigation and Reporting on Defective Works & Non-Compliance Reports formatted to QCAT requirements

  • Provide specialist court related documentation Scott Reports & Expert Witness Statements & Affidavits

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