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What a lot of buyers don’t realise is that a Standard Building Inspection does not cover mould related issues. Outside of structural defects mould can be one of the single most important factors determining if the property you choose is a healthy and safe environment for your family, or whether it becomes a significant repair cost that you were not informed of due to disclaimers in your Building Report & Agreement.

Building elements contributing to mould most commonly relate to moisture or lack of ventilation. Mould remediation costs can be substantial especially if it requires removal and replacement of building elements such as timber framing, flooring, insulation, and internal linings.

Mould can be commonly found in Sub Floor Areas, Inside Cupboards, Ceiling Voids & Air Conditioning Units.

If mould is found on the property it is essential to seek specialist advice from a building biologist and conduct sampling and air quality testing.

When inspecting your future home be sure to look for evidence of mould.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections recognises the importance of a healthy home environment and protecting our clients and will always inform you of its presence if detected in the course of our inspections.


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