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When Pool Safety Certificates are Given and The Barrier Doesn't Comply

This pool was given a Safety Certificate the day before we arrived for a building inspection. Corrugated iron should be used only with the ribs in the vertical position unless the fence is 1800mm high and has a Non-Climbable zone 900mm from the top on the inside. Here the corrugated iron is deemed as a climbable element in the Non- Climbable zone on the outside of the glass pool fence where it intersects with the boundary fence. A standard building report does not require the inspector to check pool barriers however the inspector is responsible for identifying safety issues. This item was highlighted to our client / purchaser identifier for immediate rectification along with other defects and referred for assessment by the local council authority. It is an offence to issue a Pool Safety Certificate when the barrier does not comply. Coastal Home & Building Inspections considers safety for it clients as one of the most important factors when it comes to protecting our clients.

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