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Safety Hazard Foil Insulation

The governments Insulation Scheme has left multiple homes where safety hazards may exist in ceilings. Insulation is required to be checked by an electrician and a clearance / safety certificate issued. In our normal working conditions we find many homes have gone unchecked since the scheme was cancelled.

The foil is laid over the joists and if it comes in contact with metal or existing wiring it can become live through incorrect installation, putting home owners or workers at risk of electric shock. Never enter a ceiling with foil insulation unless an electrical certificate has been issued.

Even then electrical supply to the home should be turned off.

If you are purchasing a home that has foil insulation it is essential to seek advice from and electrician and relative insulation specialists to ensure all safety checks have been made and insulation is deemed safe or alternatively have a licensed contractor to remove it.

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