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Slab Inspections / Construction Stages

Construction Stage Inspections ensure your home is built to the required engineering and building standards.

The engineer generally assess the reinforcing and slab layout prior to the concrete pour. Part of the building elements that are not considered or missed by engineers inspecting slabs is the Pest Barrier Installation and Equipotential Bonding of Slab Reinforcing. The pest barrier is generally a plastic sheet membrane installed on pipe and other penetrations through the slab to prevent termite entry. Our recent inspection revealed defective reinforcing, electrical and pest barrier issues overlooked by the inspecting engineer.

In the photo the earth link galvanised bar is not tied to the reinforcing slab mesh and the installation does not meet the electrical standard AS/NZS 3000:2018.

In addition the electrical conduit, reinforcing and earth link bars require the pest barrier collar to be installed around them to prevent termite entry where they penetrate the slab. There are multiple gaps on the pest barrier installation between the reinforcing bars and electrical conduit is so close to the slab edge that it does not allow for sufficient concrete coverage so the installation does not meet the pest barrier standard AS 3660.1-2000

You might hear you builder say there is no need for Slab Inspections as the engineer will inspect and sign off prior to pouring concrete. Coastal Home & Building Inspections provide Slab Stage Inspections to ensure all elements of the construction are inspected and comply with required regulations.


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