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Private Certification Pitfalls

Earlier this year we inspected fully renovated property that had no pest barrier. Our client walked away from the property. 8 months later we were called to inspect the same property again with another client. This time we were assured the defect had been rectified and the Pest Licencee and Building Certifier had provided the required Form 16 Pest Certificate & Form 21 Final Building Approval. On inspection we found both certificates had been issued when the pest barrier did not meet the Australian Standard or the Manufacturers Specifications.

Just because a contractor or certifier issues a certificate does not necessarily mean that they are correct. The key to having competent professionals check your home is that they will recognise defects and non-compliance and not just rely on forms from other parties. Coastal Home & Building Inspections Sunshine Coast strives to ensure their clients are informed of any negligent actions in relation to Aspect Certificates and Building Approvals

The defective system below has been placed on the ground when it should be installed a trench in the ground. The timber framing over it bridges the pest barrier.

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