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Home Warranty Inspections

Building legislation in most cases requires the builder to provide a 12 month warranty in relation to defects that are present at practical completion or occur after the home has been handed over to the property owner. An inspection prior to the end of the warranty ensures any outstanding original defects or defects that have developed within the 12 month warranty period are identified to the builder for repair.

Defects can range from minor paint blemishes, cracking in plaster to major defects where building elements have not been installed to meet the building regulations, Australian Standards or manufacturers specifications.

Recently we were asked to conduct a maintenance inspection and found a non-compliant pest management system on the home. The system was not installed to the NCC Building Regulation, Manufacturers or Australian Standard.

The photo shows the pest barrier installed above the ground. The system could not be charged with chemical in this instance as it is required to be in a trench with a suitable soil or sand surrounding the pipework. The home has been occupied with a non-compliant pest management system since handover.

There is a reliance placed on the builder and their building certifier to ensure the home conforms to the NCC Building Regulation. It is clear the both the builder and certifier have failed in their duty to the client / home owner.

A Form 21 Certificate of Occupancy should have never been issued for the home and immediate rectification is required.


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