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Safety Liability Building Inspectors

The broadest ranging liability of any Pre Purchase Building Inspection is safety. The National Construction Code Performance Provisions call for buildings to be designed to provide people with safe access to and within a building. One of the most important building elements are handrails and fall height from decks. For any deck areas associated with the home or property more than 1 meter above the ground a complying barrier and handrail is required to maintain safety. It is essential to ensure all aspects of handrails are securely fixed and in good condition. In the photo you can see that the handrail in not only damaged but it has been installed back to front where the raised section of the bottom rail should be towards the outer edge of the patio. This prevents the bottoms of the balustrading being dislodged and being pushed out. It is particularly important as it protects small children from falling if they push on the balustrade.

Coastal Home & Building Inspection Reports pay particular attention to identify building safety items on your report to ensure you, your family and anyone entering the property are protected.


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