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Safe Access

It doesn’t matter whether you are inspecting an older home or a brand new one, identifying safety hazards is a responsibility of the building inspector and a fundamental part of the Australian Standard for Building Inspections. Areas where safe access is compromised need immediate rectification or maintenance. One of the main areas where safe access is compromised are stairs. The Building Regulation has a minimum tread size of 240mm and a maximum rise height of 190mm. Small treads leave gaps between stairs that can cause injury and variations in rise height can lead to falls and sometimes legal action. Picture shows rise height bottom of stairs exceeds 190mm and uneven / inconsistent surfaces timber, pine bark and artifical grass can all contribute to falls or injury. Our Pre Purchase, Handover, Dilapidation & Body Corporate Inspection Reports make sure your building does not have hazards that promote accident or injury. Coastal Home & Building Inspections provides comprehensive assessment and photographic reports on your property to ensure safe access is maintained.

We can also provide safety inspections on rental properties to prevent injury and legal action is anyone is injured.


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