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Price or Experience

One of the first questions we get asked when a client makes an inquiry is how much does a Building & Pest Inspection cost. It is a governing factor for some people when purchasing their property and there are many businesses out there that promote themselves as beating all competitors prices. This may be good if you are comparing products that are the same but we all know quality and price need to be researched as some of the cheapest products and services may not necessarily be the best value for money.

When it comes to serviced based industries such as building & pest inspections there is a licensing structure and Australian Standard that companies are required to follow. The interpretation of the standards can vary greatly from minimum reporting requirements to detailed through inspection processes and reports.

Combined Building & Pest Reports and price beating guarantees may not be able to allow a sufficient time to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the property as they can generally take around 1 hour.

Reports structures also vary and can be formatted and supplied by third party companies or insurers. Sometimes they can have broad ranging statements and be hard to understand particularly when sections of the report refer you to other sections that have written disclaimers.

Throughout our 30 years of building inspections we have seen the results of clients not understanding the way reports are written particularly when you find an inspection has missed major damage on a property. The personal toll it takes when you realise your dream home is not what it seems and the financial burden of taking legal action can be soul destroying. We have personal experience as we consult with clients, conduct specialist inspections and provide reports for legal cases.

At Coastal Home & Building Inspections we have always sought to stand out in our chosen field by providing our clients with a service that exceeds the basic reporting standards which is why we have developed a specialist comprehensive inspection service and an informative report format that leaves our clients with no doubt about the overall condition of the property they are buying. Reports have a minimum combined building & pest inspection time frame of 3 hours and are carried out separately by myself and a highly qualified pest technician using only the best industry equipment and practices developed from being one of the longest established businesses in our area. Next time you choose a service or product make sure you are getting the quality and value for money that you are paying for.

A special thanks to all our clients for all their support Have a Safe & Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year


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