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New Home Handover Reports

Generally new home inspections concentrate on standards of finish however one of the items we commonly find conducting Handover Reports are deficiencies in the Pest Management System both physical and chemical barriers. What many owners don’t know is that in most cases the certification of the homes pest management system relies on the builder and the barrier installer to provide an Aspect Certificate to the certifier. This type of certificate is generally supplied at frame stage and the installation almost never gets inspected by the certifier. This leaves deficiencies in the certification process where damage to barriers during the building process or incomplete defective installations go undetected. Photo above shows defective physical termite barrier / management system where gaps and missing termite shielding was evident when the builder was about to pour the driveway slab. Repairs to any defective barrier systems should be recorded in the homes Certificate of Treatment documents to be supplied by the builder to the home owner at handover and recorded in a prominent position in the homes meter box, kitchen pantry or under the sink as per building standards.


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