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Inspection Time Frames

How do you know the inspection you are getting is through enough to ensure you make the right choice when purchasing your property.

It basically equates to the time the inspectors spend onsite.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Sunshine Coast knows the value of time when inspecting our clients properties that is why we spend a minimum of 1 to 1&1/2 hrs inspection time with each technician.

We don't do combined Building & Pest Inspections where the building inspector does the pest inspection.

We always use a trained professional pest inspector using the latest thermal imaging technology that identifies both heat and moisture signatures exposing hidden activity and damage that otherwise would not be found without this type of specialist equipment.

Two sets of eyes checking your property at once equates to a combined inspection time of 3 hrs.

This provides comprehensive accurate informative reports that exceed Australian & Industry Standards.

We also value the time spent with our clients on site to address their concerns and ensure they are informed and understand everything about the property they are intending to purchase.

So next time you are looking for a building and pest inspection be sure to prequalify your inspectors by asking about what is checked, what equipment is used and how much time they spend on site.

Time with our clients, Time on site, are the hallmarks of what makes Coastal Home & Building Inspections proud to be leaders in the Building & Pest Inspection industry on the Sunshine Coast.

We look forward to assisting you so please feel free to call Paul anytime on Mob 0417 709 065

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