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Frame Stage Construction Inspections

Recenet events highlighted just how improtant Frame Stage Inspections can be when building a new home.

The builder called for a frame inspection and informed us that the building certifier had signed off as Frame Complets Stage. Our first frame inspection revealed 45 sections on the homes frame that were not to building design standards. This included basic fundermental items such as : Frame 10mm to 30mm out of plumb, misalignment of framing, cyclone nuts missing or loose, tie down strapping and bracing incomplete. All elements that a building certifier should not sign off on when framing does not meet engineers design or the QBCC Standards & Tolerances Guidelines. The builder indicated they would rectify the items.

A second frame inspection was requested by our client that revealed 28 defects still existed. Because the builder did not rectify all issues the situation was escalated so we informed the client to contact the companies construction manager.

He inspected the home and agreed to fix 18 of the 28 items on the second Frame Report. We informed our client that all items listed need to be rectified and requested the construction manager meet us on site. After a third meeting the builder agreeded to fix all items.

Should a builder fail to rectify framing issues and a dispute arises clients have the option of lodging and Early Dispute Resolution with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission

So you can see how important it is to have frame inspections and good communication between parties not just rely on the builder and building certifier.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Frame Reports ensure our clients have the home built to the required standards.

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