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Roofing Defects Builders Response

Our recent frame inspection identified a defective finish on the roof at the front of the home.

When reported to the builder their response was... It's unavoidable as it’s a spill out valley and is not a defect.

To clarify that the roofing is a defect that requires rectification the QBCC Standards & Tolerances Section 7.3 Roof Cladding states...

Within the first 12 months from completion of the work, staining, folds, splits, dents, open joints between panels, cracking and other distortions in roof cladding are defects if they

are visible from a normal viewing position at ground level.

To assist with resolving building issues Coastal Home & Building Inspections can provide our clients with information and reports to confirm building defects and to lodge a dispute with the QBCC if required.


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