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Building Element Damage

On various occasions we find damage or modifications to roof framing / trusses.

The Australian Standard for Pre Purchase Building Inspections requires the inspector to identify any structural damage.

The Roof Truss is a structural building element that is engineer designed and certified by the manufacturing company.

Damaging or modifying the roof truss in construction phase or after, can represent a defect in the structural defect. Most common areas are broken or cut out chords or webbing components in trusses.

The repair of a damaged structural building component also required to have engineering design and certification after repairs are made.

Picture shows roof truss damaged by the builder during the construction phase with inadequate repairs.

Repairs to any damaged structural building element require an engineering design for repairs and final approval.

This example was found during a Pre Purchase Inspection. The purchaser was supplied with a Pre Sale Building Report from the owner that failed to identify the defect and they were advised by Coastal Home & Building Inspections to have the owner engage a builder conduct repairs and provide engineers certification.

Pre Sale Building Reports do not provide any liability for you as the purchaser unless your name is on the report.

Just about all Pre Sale Building Reports have third party disclaimers. We advise that you always get your own independent inspection to ensure you are fully covered when purchasing your new property.


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