Building Defect / Masonry Overhangs

Masonry overhanging the slab is covered by the NCC Building Regulation Edge Rebates and states, Exterior Masonry must not overhang more than 15 mm past the edge of the slab.

The QBCC Standards & Tolerances Guide Section 4.17 also identifies masonry overhangs greater than 15mm as being a building warranty defect in the first 12 months or up to 6 years & 6 months if it effects the homes structural capacity or allows moisture ingress.

Rectification would require a specialist engineers assessment and Scope of Works for the method of repairs. When rectified the engineer who provided the Scope of Works should inspect and sign off providing and Aspect Certificate to confirm repairs have been effected correctly. Slab overhangs are most commonly found in new homes at Practical Completion Stage

A professional Handover Inspection Report ensures this type of defect does not go unchallenged and is identified and rectified in the correct manner.

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