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Trees & Your Property

The proximity of trees, soil type and construction methods used are all underlying factors that can have an adverse effect on your property and cost a considerable amount of money for repairs.

Having trees well away from the external walls of your home will prevent damage to foundations and drainage systems. The extent of tree root systems depends entirely on the type of tree. If you are unsure of the effect a plant may have on your property seek advice from an arborist.

New homes can be more susceptible to damage particularly when home owners do their own landscaping where foundations and drainage can be effected when the wrong type of trees are planted too close to the home and root systems expand as they mature.

CSIRO Information Sheet 10/91 Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance, A Homeowners Guide provides valuable information to ensure your home is not subject to damage. Coastal Home & Building Inspections recognises trees and their potential effect on homes in Pre-Purchase Inspections and also provide Specialist Consultancy / Investigation Services regarding tree root systems for Home Owners, Body Corporate & Dispute cases.

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