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What Type of Report are You Getting

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Sunshine Coast provide comprehensive photographic reports so you know everything about the home you are buying. Recently we were asked to conduct a secondary report on a property and found the floor had subsided 100mm and possible defects concealed by poorly laid flooring on top of slab. Further invasive inspections were essential requiring removal of the timber floor. Identification of subsidence was clearly evident when walking downhill into the living room of the home. Skirtings had been adjusted to cover the defect but the floor had continued to subside leaving a gap as shown in the photo.

This and other significant issues were not identified by the first building report and the it contained a disclaimer on nearly every statement made.

Buyer beware not only of the property but also the type or report you are paying for. Ask questions of your building inspection company and pre- qualify them to ensure you get the best results and value for money.

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