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Monitoring Building Construction

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Sunshine Coast specialise in pre purchase building inspections, handover reports and building disputes.

One of the most important things you can do when entering into any building project whether it be short or long term is to take as many photos as you can to assist the construction monitoring process. This ensures you have a documented history of the work performed. This is invaluable if a dispute situation arises. It can place you in a position where you have the evidence to substantiate any claims on your behalf or the builders. So when you have building work performed ensure that you come to an agreement that the builder will allow regular access to take photos. You may need to put this in writing as part of your contract and always show the builder courtesy of letting him know when you want to be present on site as they may have workplace health & safety requirements that need to be met. Communication is the key to having a contract run smoothly. Photographic evidence is essential if a dispute arises.

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