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Asbestos Hazards Buying or Renovating

When buying or renovating a property built before 1900 there is a health risk associated with asbestos. Asbestos was most commonly used in building products such as super six roofs & fences, walls, soffits and ceilings. It can also be found in ceiling insulation / coatings, pipework, vinyl tiles, lighting or switchboard backing. Most common type of asbestos found in the home is "Bonded" (fibro sheeting) but "Friable" products can be found in ceiling insulation and lagging on pipework. Bonded products generally do not represent a risk unless disturbed in a manner such as removal of sheeting, piercing the surface, drilling or nailing. Friable products because of their loose nature can be easily disturbed. Personal safety equipment is essential if entering any areas that may contain asbestos. Some sheeting in your property may be identified by the sticker in our photo. Asbestos fibres if inhaled can represent a significant health risk even resulting in death and before conducting any works it is essential to seek advice from a qualified asbestos expert. Commercial building owners have a liability to ensure an Asbestos Register and Management Plan is in place if the property was built before December 31 2003 and is used as a workplace or is being sold. At Coastal Home & Building Inspections we will always qualify our clients and their future plans to ensure they know the safety risks associated with the property they are purchasing.

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