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Buying at Auction

If you are buying at auction this is the best reason to have your own Building & Pest Inspection Report.

It ensures you protect yourself from being caught out or paying too much for a property that has problems.

Building & Pest Inspection Reports can be supplied by the vendor however the accuracy of these reports may or may not reflect the true condition of the home.

Recently we were asked to do an inspection on a property where my client was supplied the Building & Pest Reports produced for the auction. The reports was did not identify various critical elements of the homes condition and future maintenance that would have cost a considerable amount of money to rectify.

Relying on a Pre Auction Building or Pest Report produced for the property by the vendor does not offer the purchaser the same service as engaging their own inspectors.

The most important factor that purchasers do not know is, if they rely on Pre Auction Reports these documents have Third Party Disclaimers. This does not give the purchaser any guarantees or insurance coverage to claim costs against the vendor or inspection companies should the property have concealed or unidentified issues. You are only covered if your name is on the Building & Pest Report.

So don't get caught out when buying at auction always get your own Pre Auction Building & Pest Reports to cover yourself and guarantee your purchase.

For any more information please feel free to Call Paul on 0417 709 065

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