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Construction Monitoring

One of the things most builders tell my clients is that the construction of the concrete floor slab is engineer certified. Recently we were engaged by a client to monitor construction of their home. This service incliudes checking the floor slab reinforcing prior to concrete placement. In most cases a builder has an engineer check and certify the slab and reinforcing prior to pouring. The slab was the first phase of the clients home constructed by one of Australia's largest builders. Their independent engineer signed off documentation stating the reinforcing and waffle pod elements of the slab met their design requirements. This was far from the point as our independent inspection identified more than 25 items requireing rectification after the engineer signed it off as acceptable. To the credit of the company we met with the construction manager on site and he acknowledged items listed in our report and rectified them.

Our construction monitoring service ensures your property is built correctly in relation to plans and standards. For more information and rates see Construction & Handover in the Inspections section of this web site.

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