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What you should known about contracts

Before Christmas a client came to us with some concerns regarding a contractor engaged to render his home. He had heard that the contractor may not provide the best finish or materials after he had instructed them to start work.

The questions we asked were: Is the contractor registered with the building authority. Do you have a valid contract with the contractor.

The answer to the first was yes but the second was 'no'.

It is essential when dealing with contracts that have a value greater than $3,300.00 a Renovation, Extension & Repair Contract be in place meeting the requirements of the QBCC legislation.

Documentation is an area where most people get caught out and do not have any rights when it comes to a dispute or poor workmanship. Since consulting with us we have instructed the owner and contractor to provide and sign the correct documentation.

We are also monitoring the contractors works from start to finish to ensure the correct materials are being used and finishes are to a high and acceptable building standard.

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