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Insurance Assessments

Its not all the time insurance assessors or companies get it right when making decisions on what the extent of work they are willing to conduct when rectifying damage to your home.

Recently we were asked to make a specialist assessment of a clients roof where the insurance assessor only found it necessary to replace ridge cappings on a roof that was damaged by a hail storm. The home owner thought it was strange that his roof sheeting was not replaced when other insurance companies had replaced all the other roofs in the street.

They called Coastal Home & Building Inspections and asked us to assist them with a specialist assessment of the roof to determine the extent of damage and repairs.

Our inspection found well over 100 dents in the roof sheeting along with damaged flashings and valley gutters. In addition it was also found that the limited repairs by the insurance company had damaged the existing roof sheeting in the process or replacing ridge cappings.

A comprehensive report was used as evidence to assist the home owner in making the insurer replace the entire roof and associated fixtures.

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