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Waterproofing Performance & Guarantees

One of the most common issues we are asked to consult for is moisture ingress in units via rooftop areas. Most rooftops are concrete slabs covered by a waterproof membrane or tiles.

The waterproof membrane generally has a 6 year guarantee that the contractor is required to honor, however there are some important requirements that you need to be aware of when making a claim if a waterproof membrane fails within the warranty period.

Recent wet periods have seen the rate of waterproof membrane failures increase rapidly where we are asked by Body Corporate's to assess and report on building waterproofing defects where the principal contractor fails to rectify defects or claims are made via the Queensland Building & Construction Commission or the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The majority of issues when making claims are :

1. No regular inspections by the Body Corporate to meet manufacturers & applicators maintenance requirements and warranties. All membranes require regular inspections and some maintenance through the warranty period to ensure if a failure occurs you are covered.

If you fail to have the inspections or maintain there is no basis for a claim.

2. Body Corporate / Owners failure to recognise liability of installer and products specifications for use. When choosing a contractor to install a membrane it is vitally important to ensure there is a "licensed principal contractor" that can guarantee the works for the 6 year period. This is generally a registered builder.

3. Product non-performance due to incorrectly specified product & installation. The product that is chosen needs to have the performance capabilities to meet the requirements of the area that it is being installed in, for example. The membrane should be supported by a scope of works from the manufacturer. It should have the correct performance capabilities to allow for expansion and contraction and be durable to support exposure to elements and traffic in areas used as common or private spaces.

Should a failure of a waterproof membrane occur and you require assistance Coastal Home & Building Inspections has extensive industry experience to provide fully detailed reports for warranty claims via the QBCC or to QCAT.

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