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Building Dispute Resolution Noise Complaints

Coastal Home and Building Inspections can assist you when it comes to all types of building disputes.

Our service not only relates to disputes with builders but also assist property owners in body corporate situations

Recently we were called by a client when the buildings body corporate failed to respond to their concerns. The owner of a unit in a multi unit complex had lodged a complaint with the body corporate regarding excessive noise created by the operation of the garage door to the sub floor car park of the building. Their unit was located above the door to the common car park area and was subject to disturbance from the operation of the door at all hours of the day and night. The volume of noise from the operation woke the client in the night every time it opened and closed. The noise also effected another unit occupant in the same building and complaints had been raised by an adjoining property owner.

The body corporate claimed they had maintained the door in an acceptable condition and the noise it made was not excessive and it was not their problem. The body corporate only kept calling the door company to do maintenance and never called for a specialist inspection to make a full assessment of the door. In this instance the body corporate failed to act in the best interests of the property owner so the unit owner lodged for an adjudication with the Commissioner for Community and Body Corporate Management.

One of the requests made by the commission’s adjudicator was that the property owner was asked to supply a report on the door. Coastal Home and Building Inspections assessed the door and provided a detailed report for the client that confirmed lack of complete maintenance, damage to sections of the door, excessive noise in the operation and various elements that required either substantial maintenance to reduce operational noise or replacement of the door.

It was also found that the door was an older type that is not commonly used in current buildings where the main car park entrance is under a unit lot within the property.

Using the report the owner was able to supply sufficient information to have the adjudicat

or find in favor of the property owner to have the body corporate provide a door that operates within acceptable noise limits that does not unduly effect the quality of living of the buildings occupants.

Coastal Home and Building Inspections provide quality detailed reports to assist in dispute situations and other building matters.

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