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Handover Inspections

Handover Inspections are the best way to ensure you get the qualiy finish you deserve when building a new home. At Coastal Home & Building Inspections we ensure your handrover inspection covers areas of the property and is not just a list of paint defects. There are many other aspects to compiling a comprehensive Handover Report and pictures below show homes that had recieved construction certificates and final certification when defects were evident. Items were identified to the builder for rectification.

It is an offence to provide aspect certificates and final building approval when construction elements do not meet the required standards.

1. Incomplete Pest Barrier Installation on Neighbours Side of Fence

2. Drainage Deficiency No Provision of Drainage Between Buildings

3. Missing Water Stops on Wet Area / Toilet & Bathroom Doorways.

Not Compliant with Australian Standard or Building Code

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