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Termite Barriers

Physical termite barriers are part of modern home construction. They are designed to be in place for the life of the home unlike older chemical systems that can break down over time.

The barrier should not be bridged or damaged in any way. If damaged this can void warranties. It is essential to check your homes termite warranty documentation to know what your obligations are to maintain the barrier warranty in the future. Different companies have varying requirements. Generally it is maintaining a visual pest inspection zone and conducting yearly inspections.

Recently monitoring a new home under construction we found the builders contractor has cut through the termite barrier in the door installation process. This damage was not just present on one door opening but four openings which equated to 8 sections of damaged termite barrier and warranty voided by builder.

Our construction monitoring program identified this on the openings and informed the builder. The builder continued to construct the home not acknowledging our requests for repairs which caused the home owner having to lodge an Early Resolution Dispute with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission. The process forced the builder to act in a more professional manner which required them to remove all door openings and repair the 8 damaged sections of the termite barrier.

Be sure your home is being constructed correctly by using our professional monitoring and reporting services. Below is an example of the termite barrier that was cut through / damaged on the door opening.

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