Coastal Home & Building Inspections is the leading Sunshine Coast Pool Safety Inspection company providing professional, comprehensive Reports covering all aspects of construction on new and existing properties.​​



Swimming Pool Fence Inspection

Laws have been introduced by the Queensland Government to upgrade and maintain pool fencing to protect small children from accidental drowning. The Australian Standard 1926.1 & 2 & QDC MP3.4 cover the requirements to which a pool fence needs to comply.

Coastal Home & Building Inspections has been a long-time advocate of maintaining pool barriers to protect small children and prevent drowning since starting in business.  Inspecting homes for the last 15 years has given us an insight into what is not safe and how a barrier should be maintained to the Australian Standard.  We have always made our clients aware of safety issues regarding pools at the time of our building inspections long before the Queensland Government legislation was introduced.

We can arrange a Pool Fence Safety Inspection for owners prior to selling their home or inspect the pool fence in conjunction with your Pre purchase Building Inspection when buying.

If purchasing without the home owner providing a certificate the buyer has 90 days to make the pool fence comply and obtain a Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate.

Pool Fence Safety Inspections & Reports

Our Pool Fence Safety Inspections & Reports are to the highest standard and fully cover all aspects of what is required to make your pool safe and to meet Australian Standards. We have been licenced as Pool Fence Safety Inspectors from the time legislation was introduced by the Queensland Government in December 2010.

Queensland Government PSI Licence No 100529

Reports are formatted in a manner that is easy to understand with photos of the pool and any areas requiring rectification. 
Defects are individually listed with a picture, location, description of the defect, what section of the standard it does not meet and information on how to rectify the defect.

Reports fee of $220.00 includes one free re-inspection if the pool does not comply on the first inspection as well as the Queensland Government Registration Fee of $35.55

View Sample Pool Safety Inspection Report

Coastal Home & Building Inspections are licenced builders also conduct new and rectification work on pool barriers.

Our services include:

  • Replacement of non-compliant pool fencing

  • Modifications and repairs to existing fencing

  • Installation of denial panes

  • Servicing of hinges, latches

  • Maintenance / replacement of gates

  • Provide and install resuscitation and warning signage

Body Corporate Swimming Pool Inspections

Yearly Pool Fence Safety inspections and renewal of certificates is required on properties with shared pools.  Coastal Home & Building Inspections are registered pool fence inspectors.  Inspections on private pools are required on change of tenancy in some instances.


Our extensive industry inspection experience allows us to ensure your pool is safe and meets Australian Standards and Queensland Government Registration requirements.  Years in the building industry also means that we can provide cost effective solutions for any pool fence repairs, modifications and maintenance.