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Termite Damage in Homes for Sale

Coastal Home & Building Inspections Sunshine Coast specialise in consultation to solve you building issues. Recently we were called by a builder and engaged by a client where termite activity was found to have damaged their home that was on the market for sale. The home had been inspected and treated by a pest controller however no determination was made by them or the builder to ascertain the full extent of damage. Our extensive industry experience provided the client with comprehensive building and pest inspections to identify all damage and termite related issues with the home. A full report was produced with instructions for the areas to be repaired by the builder. When repairs were conducted the areas were photographed and a complete inspection report was produced. On so many occasions when inspecting properties for sale we have been told that termites have been treated but owners have no evidence of repairs and damage still exists. Termite damage can prevent the sale of a home but when it is identified, and evidence of professional repairs produced, it ensures any potential clients have the confidence to know the property is in good condition for sale.

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