Coastal Home & Building Inspections is the leading Sunshine Coast Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection company providing professional, comprehensive Reports covering all aspects of construction on new and existing properties.​​

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report

Coastal Home and Building Inspections can also provide a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections Report.  Reports are conducted to the Australian Standard AS4349.3 and are specifically designed to check all visible / accessible areas of the home internally and externally for active termites or damage.  All homes are scanned using the latest high quality thermal imaging equipment.  Surrounding areas of the property up to 30 meters away are also covered by the inspection.

Also report on are other types of timber damage in the form of wood borers, insects or general timber decay or weathering over the life of the home.

Our Pest Inspectors have been selected to work exclusively for us because they are the best in the industry.  They have extensive experience and take additional time to go over the property in a thorough comprehensive way to ensure no active termites or damage is evident.   All timber elements are tap tested and moisture metered as per the Australian Standard.

Pest Inspections are conducted at the same time as the Building Inspection that way you have two sets of eyes looking over the property at once. Coastal Home & Building Inspections does not conduct combined building and pest inspections by one person as we believe it is essential to engage one specialist to cover each element of the inspection process. 
In certain cases there may be the need to conduct further invasive inspections.
Specialist type equipment may be required to access concealed areas.

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Types of specialist inspections are:

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Termitrack Microwave Sensors

  • Borescope Inspections

  • Invasive Inspection with Removal of Wall, Ceiling or Roof Paneling

In addition to Pre Purchase Pest Inspections we can also provide:​

  • Pre Sale Pest / Termite Inspections & Reports

  • Yearly Pest / Termite Inspections

  • Treatment of termite infestations

  • Repairs to termite damaged properties

  • Full chemical perimeter barrier installations

  • Baiting Stations

  • Annual Pest Treatments