Coastal Home & Building Inspections is the leading Sunshine Coast Dilapidation Report company providing professional, comprehensive Reports covering all aspects of construction on new and existing properties.​​



Dilapidation Reports

 Coastal Home & Building Inspections Dilapidation Reports  extensive industry experience and inspection background provide specialist reports to ensure accurate representation of properties.  It is essential that this type of report is comprehensive to guarantee our clients know the exact condition of their property. 

This type of report is most commonly used by body corporate's and property owners to establish the condition of the property and schedule repairs and maintenance.

In addition reports can be provided to builders and property owners to ensure an accurate benchmark is established  for properties prior to commencement of construction works in adjoining areas.  Re-inspections are conducted after works to ensure no damage has occurred as the result of construction works.

Reports cover roads, kerb & channeling, footpaths, signage, structures, and any other elements in the areas adjoining construction sites.

Property Condition Report

Reports provide a guarantee of the condition of properties for builders, owners and insurers in the event of damage resulting from works such as sheet piling, site excavation, excessive vibration or associated damage from construction equipment. 


Photographic and written reports are formulated to confirm the overall condition of the property identifying cracking and damage to building elements.  Re-inspection after the construction period to confirm whether construction has had an effect on the property or adjoining areas

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