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Handover Report & Construction Stage Inspections

 Coastal Home & Building Inspections Construction Stage Inspections  are specifically designed take the stress out of dealing with your builder.  Our extensive industry experience can guide you through the entire building process to ensure you get the product you are paying for and the quality of construction that meets industry standards.

Inspections are aligned to meet contract payment schedules and confirm works have been carried out as per the building design.  Construction Stage payments can be made to the builder with peace of mind knowing he has reached the required works as per your building contract schedule.

Our services include: 

  • Footings Inspection checking footing design size, reinforcing & concrete floor slab

  • Frame Stage Inspection covering pest barrier installation, timber framing, bracing  and cyclone tie down elements

  • Services Installation Stage Inspection to check Electrical, Plumbing, Fixtures and locations

  • Pre Paint / Fix Out Stage

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Construction Stage & Handover Inspection Criteria / Fees 


Footing Stage
Checks depth / size of footings and piers in relation to engineering plans for preparation for installation of concrete slab pods and reinforcing.  Photographic evidence of footings preparation supplied.


Fee:  $165.00   (incl GST)


Slab Stage
Check steel reinforcing  depth of slab / concrete against engineering plans prior to placement of concrete

(both of above inspections may be combined depending on slab type)  Report & Photographic evidence of slab preparation supplied.  


Fee: $440.00 -$495.00  (incl GST)


Post Slab Inspection
Check slab condition slab edge voids, cold joints, cracking and report on any defects written and photographic



Fee:  $165.00   (incl GST)


Frame Stage
Check timber framing, bracing elements, tie down size and installation locations in relation to building design and engineers plans also check quality of workmanship on framing elements plumb, level & straight. Report & Photographic evidence of framing defects supplied

Fee From:  $495.00-$550.00   (incl GST)


Final Handover
Thorough inspection of home covering identification of defects relation to all facets / construction of the property.  Mainly covers quality of finish for construction elements to ensure it has been built to a tradesman like standard.  Also includes identification of any building regulation breaches to ensure your home meets building code & industry practices.  Report & Selective photographic evidence external & internal defects.  List type only reports for excessive amounts of defects.


Fee  From: $550.00   (incl GST)


Construction Handover Reports with Photographic Evidence

All of the above mentioned stages have individual reports and documented (photographic) evidence of construction of the home to give an overall view of the project from start to finish and provide evidence in the form of reports should any dispute should it arise with the builder.  If any outstanding issues are raised we will consult with you, your builder and in some cases the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. The QBCC can make judgments or directions against the builder at construction stages if there are any disputes. we will assist in arranging the implementation of Early Dispute Resolution documentation.


Additional Communications or Site Inspections / Specialist Consultation are based on time spent fee $150.00 per hr plus gst.


Any costs of expert opinions if required can also be encountered but at no time would any additional fees be charged without your authorization.

We provide a running schedule of inspections / fees and individual accounts during the supervision process.